Angus Scott-Young Free To Play Rebels

· Super Rugby
by Reds Media Unit

A SANZAAR Judicial Committee Hearing has found Angus Scott-Young of the Reds guilty of contravening Law 9.12: A player must not physically abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to punching or striking with the hand or arm, after he was cited during a Super Rugby match at the weekend. The Judicial Committee did however find that the Red Card threshold had not been met for the offence, and subsequently issued a Warning.

The incident occurred in the 28th minute of the match between the Reds and Brumbies played at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on 24 March 2019.

The SANZAAR Judicial Hearing held via video conference on Wednesday 27 March 2019, 7am(SAST), 4pm(AEDT), 6pm(NZDT) was heard by Robert Stelzner SC, Chris Smith and Mike Mika.

In his finding, the Judicial Committee Chairman Robert Stelzner SC ruled the following:

""Having conducted a detailed review of the available evidence, in particular a video showing a close up of the incident, and hearing from the player himself and considering submissions from his legal representative, Mark Martin QC, the Judicial Committee upheld the citing of an act of foul play under Law 9.12.""

""The Judicial Committee however found that the act of foul play did not meet the Red Card threshold due to amongst other factors the fact that the initial point of contact appeared to have been between the Player’s forearm and his opponent’s back / shoulder area, the resultant contact thereafter between the back of the Player's closed fist and his opponent’s head was minimal / glancing and the Player’s explanation for the incident, including his attempt to protect his previously injured hand by closing his fist during the clean out, revealed absence of malicious intent.”

“It was determined that during the course of a legitimate, albeit clumsy, attempt to clean out his opponent, the back of the Player’s closed fist made contact with the back of his opponent’s head with minimal consequence. It was decided that while the citing was warranted in that there had been contact between the Player’s hand and the back of his opponent’s head which amounted to a striking of his opponent’s head, this was not intentional nor so reckless as to have warranted a Red Card on the field.  As a result a Warning would be issued to the Player.""

""The player is free to resume playing immediately.”