Queensland Rugby and its professional teams have had a long and rich history with Australian sport, with the Reds and Queensland Women's Rugby teams inspiring young Rugby players since turning professional in 1996.

Reds team lineup

History of the Queensland Reds

Although Rugby is thought to have been played in Queensland as far back as 1876, the QRU was formed in 1893, with the game in the state developing into a truly global Rugby brand from grassroots to professional.

Reds winning celebration

History of Super Rugby

With the introduction of professional Rugby, the game moved to a model where players were contracted to the Reds through the Queensland Rugby Union as part of a Southern Hemisphere's Super Rugby competition.

Taniela Toupou Medal Reds

Pilecki Medal

The Pilecki Medal represents the Reds 'Player's Player' through the Super Rugby season, celebrated in hounour of Queensland Rugby great, Stan Pilecki.

Reds women lineup

Super W History

With women's Rugby thriving in the state, the game was elevated to a national competition, Super W. The tournament was played in conjunction with the Super Rugby season.