Queensland Women’s XV to be renamed as Queensland Reds from 2020

· Super W
by Reds Media Unit

Last Friday, at the Queensland Rugby Union Long Lunch, an announcement was made regarding the official name change of the Queensland Women’s XV team.

Heading into the 2020 Super W season, the Queensland Women's team will be known as the Queensland Reds, mirroring the men's side in Super Rugby, meaning the Queensland Reds name and brand will be uniform across both Super Rugby and the Super W. 

The change comes after consultation with current players and the Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) board and management, and for Queensland Reds captain Kiri Lingman, she believes the change is a step in the right direction for Women’s sport.

“Growing up playing Rugby, especially living in Queensland, we’ve always looked up to the Queensland Reds men’s team,” said Lingman.

“Seeing the progression from where we started to where we are now is inspiring. To be acknowledged on an equal platform to the men is clear indication of the growth of the women’s game. 

“Most importantly, for the women who work so hard on-and-off the field, it makes me proud for the players to be rewarded with something like this.

“As current Queensland players we hope to inspire the next generation, and to be recognised alongside the men’s team, it will help us attract more young girls to the game of Rugby." 

QRU CEO David Hanham said: “Every player that is selected to wear the Queensland Reds jersey are representing every person, regardless of gender, of all ages throughout Queensland.

“We want the next generation of female Rugby players to have an understanding of the pathway before them and to strive to play at the elite level, which is to represent the Queensland Reds.  

“Personally, I want my two daughters to be able to proudly watch on from the grandstands or in front of the TV, and know that one day it is possible for them both to be Queensland Reds players.

“As the Women's game continues to grow within Australia, the QRU are committed to supporting our women's program and providing equal opportunities.”